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Planning for the future is critical and provides you and your family with the opportunity not only to survive the rising industry costs but also to flourish in the future expected and unexpected costs.


Investments – Money can be invested in different instruments to provide for specific goals and risk appetite. Money market is for your short-term goals to keep up with inflation with a time frame of 6 months to a year. Stable funds with a unit trust structure plans to provide an inflation plus two percent return when invested for one to two years. Balanced fund gives the client the opportunity to out-perform inflation with four percent with a time frame of between three and five years. Equity funds can invest hundred percent in shares and a time frame of more than ten years must be given for a return of inflation plus 6 percent.


Retirement planning – Planning must be done to provide for an income after your retirement. Current legislation provides for an annual contribution of 27.5% of your salary that can also be submitted for you yearly tax return. Retirement age can start form age 55 and on that day R500 000 can be taken tax free as a lump sum and the rest must be invested to provide for an income.


Share portfolio – As a client you have the opportunity to invest in the top companies listed all over the world. We provide advice on the structure of the portfolio and the risk that are linked with these shares. Shares contain high risk but also high potential returns.