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Life Insurance

Insurance that covers the risk that may arise on death, disability or illness for you, your family and your dependents. Planning against these risks will provide you with the peace of mind that your financial security is well taken care off.

Financial planning – Is a step-by-step approach to meet one's life goals. A financial plan acts as a guide as one goes through life's journey. Essentially, it helps you be in control of your income, expenses and investments such that you can manage your money and achieve your goals. Our financial advisers will request for you as client to provide certain information to be able to calculate these necessary plans, namely through a financial needs analysis.

Life cover – Cover for the long-term consequences of death, such as the loss of a family provider resulting in a loss of income. It helps to ensure that you as client ensure that the loved ones you leave behind still has the means to support themselves. For example ensuring that your estate is liquid to provide additional provisions.

Disability cover – Lump sum that pays out when you become permanently disabled and can’t perform the functions of your work. The lump sum can be used to provide you with living expenses or to structure your home for your specific disability as well as to pay off outstanding debt.

Severe illness cover – Lump sum that pays out when you are diagnosed with a specific severe illness such as cancer, stroke, heart attack etc. The funds can be used to cover additional medical expenses that are not covered by your medical scheme or to pay off outstanding debt.

Income protection – Refers to a monthly amount that is linked to your current income. Different waiting periods can be selected dependent on your specific employment contact. Insurer’s offer cover for injury and illness that can be recovered from, permanent disability cover is also offered.

Estate planning – Refers to the crafting of documents and processes to be followed upon your death to ensure your loved ones are taken care of. It will allow the protection of your loved ones from legal hassles and financial uncertainty after your death.